Thursday, February 17, 2011

it’s been way too long

So we are back in the Country of the Untied States!!!! “Masters of coffee and burritos” We spent the first couple of days in San Diego celebrating at our friends wedding, Congratulations Craig and Jen!!!!! we love youP1010036PC310028

Then after those adventures we headed up to Santa Cruz to visit the beautiful place filled with trees and a massive ocean….something we missed while we were gone.

Then up to Santa Rosa where one part of our family reigns, where we finally had a chance to decompress from spending 5 months of our lives in a place that is filled with so many different perspectives. During that time we were reminded that life must go on, which means “where are we going to live? where are we going to work?” So with two places on our minds we decided it was time to buckle down in prayer and give it over to the Lord. During our stay I was able to spend time with my sister/ best friend and her new husband. It was a precious time. “Well it’s time to go to Utah since we were not getting a clear picture of where we were suppose to be".”


So 13 hours later we arrived to this beautiful place with cold weather and bunches of snow.


we have spent the last 3 weeks enjoying time with our  family, dogs and snow. We’ve been cooking, snowshoeing, thinking a lot, getting back into exercising, and thinking some more. well about a week ago we got a call from Suzy, our boss in Santa Cruz, who offered both of us amazing jobs and housing!!!!!!! thank you Lord for patience in waiting. Thank you for all the growth that you supplied in our lives and marriage, thank you for such amazing friends and family who made this life changing adventure possible, and thank you for keeping us safe.

So on Friday we drive out and are moving our lives to santa cruz, we will miss you Utah but we will be back before you know it.