Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Friends: Hamsa

So I can’t say we know each other real well, but everyone meet Hamsa:


The picture is a little bright, I couldn’t  figure out how to make it darker.  But this is Hamsa.  He runs a little souvenir shop right down the the street from the Nativity Church.  How did we meet Hamsa?  Well, pretty much the same way you meet all other Palestinians…

We were walking down the street and he came out and asked if he could help us.  We told him no.  Then he invited into his shop for some coffee.

So that’s what we did, we sat outside his shop on little stools with him and drank arabic coffee (which put a hole through my esophogus, but nice gesture anyway) as we talked about life.

He told us all about the tourist trade.  Business is down right now, not many tourists and people don’t want to buy things.  We talked about his family for a while and about his aspirations…  All of this in very broken english on his part and very broken arabic on mine.  He told us about how he wants to learn english better because all the time he invites tourists to sit and have coffee with him, but they only stay for two minutes because they can’t understand him, so they leave.  “Money? I no need money! I need life! This life! Talk with friends and coffee life!  This all I need”

Wise Hamsa

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